Feb 1997

This month Rebecca Livingson's five month streak is broken, and Ron Adams once again takes the top spot. In fact, Ron had the lead from the beginning of the month and Rebecca never even came close. Indeed, Rebecca seems to have heeded her own warnings of evil and ceased mailing entirely as of Febuary 24th, so that leaves the competition wide open for March!

Seriously though, as all contest participants realize, I've been way behind answering email for several months, and this problem reached its peak in February when my move caused me to fall almost a month behind in answering email. I am now nearing the end of a campaign to catch up on my email, and I'd like to thank all of you who have been sending fewer messages, but packing each one with more content. That's much better while I'm catching up. Thanks.

Also a warm welcome to Carrie, who is making the top ten list for the first time this month.

Linear Graph

164Ron Adams bat@dhp.com
253Rebecca Livingston RebLiv@aol.com
335April Moate am5u+@andrew.cmu.edu
430Greg Haverkamp gregh@instinctive.com
527Kathy Wilson kwilson@negia.net
625Chad Hunter cnh2r@watt.seas.virginia.edu
722Carrie Opheim OpheimCJ@msx.upmx.edu
819Marilyn Dadowski md3j+@andrew.cmu.edu
918Jay Duff jduff@winkcom.com
1016Teresa Brunson brunsont@trantor.anser.org