Final 1997 Rankings

It is finally time. It is time for the top ten of 1997.

Just like last year, let me give some background stats. In 1997 I recieved 11774 personal email messages. That is up 16% from 1996. That averages to 981 messages a month or about 32 messages a day. That mail came from 159 different email addresses. (Up 14% from last year.) That 159 addresses translates to 120 different people. Wow. I didn't know I knew that many people. Of course only 10 made the top ten. Those ten accounted for 8749 messages or about 74% of my mail. The other 26% (3025 messages) were split among the other 149 addresses.

As well as the Top Ten, I have compiled a full ranking of all the email addresses that sent me mail in 1997. (Including a breakdown of how much mail was sent each month.) So if you did not make the Top Ten, check out the full listings on my website and find out where you did rank. Of the people who made the monthly top ten at least once in 1997 the ranks ranged from #1 (of course) to #38. Of the people that never made the Top ten this year, the highest ranked was #26.

Also interesting is that of the Top Ten of 1996, only *ONE* email address appears again in the top ten of 1997. That would be the ever loyal Rebecca (except for March), with her address which stopped existing near the end of the year. Of the people that made the top ten in 1996, three made it again in 1997. As well as Rebecca, Ron and Greg also made the list with new email addresses. But that's it. The others all dropped off the top ten, although most still made the top 20 with one address or another.

In terms of a race... there was none. Chad took the number one spot in March, and by April he had sent more mail than the final year long totals for anybody else... except the new Chad... Chad changed email addresses July. His old address at that point was more than 1000 messages ahead of the closest competition (Barb, who had a solid lock on second place). Over the next few months Chad's new address slowly but surely rocketed past all the competion, in October surpassing Barb and taking second place. By the end of the year Chad's new address was closing rapidly on his old address, and was hundreds of messages past Barb, who took number three. Barb had lost her email in August as well. Rebecca was closing on Barb by the end of the yar, but didn't quite make it, so she ended up taking fourth. Everybody else just was in a jumble all together.

Thanks for all the mail last year everybody. It has been a very good year for me and keeping up with all of you has been a good part of that. I look forward to more mail from all of you in 1998!!

Congratulations to all the winners! Hope to see you on the 1998 list too!

Linear Graph
Logarithmic Graph
Full Rankings

12148Chad Hunter
21729Chad Hunter
31057Barbara Christman
4892Rebecca Livingston
5663Dawn Glazier
6619Greg Haverkamp
7543Geoff Washburn
8495Ron Adams
9317Ron Adams
10286Carrie Opheim