October 2002 Pictures

PA180031.JPG PA180032.JPG PA180033.JPG
Brain, out of the cage at last! Nacho, also out Brain and Nacho were both scared to be out
PA180034.JPG PA180035.JPG PA180036.JPG
See, scared They stuck together most of the time And were wary of me and the camera
PA190037.JPG PA190038.JPG PA190039.JPG
Brain liked the chair They explored the TV And they climbed on the thing I made at Cynthia's birthday party
PA190040.JPG PA190041.JPG PA190042.JPG
And on my stick And on my bed Better view on my bed
PA190043.JPG PA190044.JPG PA270045.JPG
Sitting on the stick on the wall Both on the Cynthia thing At Reni's Halloween Party - Beer Pong