May 2002 Pictures

P5120039.JPG P5160002.JPG P5160003.JPG
Me and my Grandmother Brandon The plane next to mine leaving for vacation The Atlantis Hotel and Casino
P5160004.JPG P5160005.JPG P5160006.JPG
The new GPS I got for the trip Leaving Reno Looking back at Reno
P5160007.JPG P5160008.JPG P5160009.JPG
Outside of Reno Straight Road A mountain
P5160010.JPG P5160011.JPG P5160012.JPG
Some town The roads get more isolated People were writing with rocks on the side of the raod
P5160013.JPG P5160014.JPG P5160015.JPG
Something blurry You can just see some of the rock writing. Hey, I was driving, I couldn't aim well Dry stream beds

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