April 2002 Pictures

P4180001.JPG P4180002.JPG P4180003.JPG
Sam and Kathy after Mamma Mia Kathy in Times Square Sam and Kathy again, with a reflection
P4180004.JPG P4180005.JPG P4180006.JPG
Uh, the back of a chair on the train Blurry heads I was trying to get the thing in the window
P4180007.JPG P4180008.JPG P4180009.JPG
People sleeping on the train The sleeping guy Me on the train giving a look
P4180010.JPG P4180011.JPG P4180012.JPG
Me on train again Parking Lot Rock
P4250013.JPG P4250014.JPG P4250015.JPG
I hit 099999 099999 again The big 100000

Samuel Minter

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