March 2002 Pictures

AUT_0101.JPG AUT_0102.JPG AUT_0103.JPG
The first still Picture with my Camcorder Moira and Brain posing for the camera Again
P3190001.JPG P3190002.JPG P3190003.JPG
The gate at Newark The ceiling He told me not to take his picture. Woops.
P3200004.JPG P3200005.JPG P3200006.JPG
The plane next to us Inside the plane A blurry shot outside
P3200007.JPG P3200008.JPG P3200009.JPG
I was trying to get air shots of cities, but it was a complete failure Another This was the Tappan Zee Bridge, but you can't tell
P3200010.JPG P3200011.JPG P3200012.JPG
Dunno Our flight over Connecticut The great circle route


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