January 2002 Pictures

abulmovie200112ws.mov cyn&del&teddy.jpeg P1050001.JPG
Movie: Abulmovie 200112 Cynthia & Deliah fight over a bear Brain approaches the open door
P1050002.JPG P1050003.JPG P1050004.JPG
Nacho approaches from the other side They get closer Brain makes her move through the door!
P1050005.JPG P1060006.JPG P1060007.JPG
They greet each other They sit together Blurry together
P1060008.JPG P1060009.JPG P1190010.JPG
On a branch Drat those bars! Cynthia makes a P in the snow
P1190011.JPG P1190012.JPG P1190013.JPG
The bottom of a snowman Snow branches Cathy in the snow

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