December 2001 Pictures

PC050001.JPG PC050002.JPG PC050003.JPG
My place was a disaster when they made me clear a wall I had to put everything in the middle of the floor It was a mess
PC050004.JPG PC050005.JPG PC050006.JPG
Even the bedroom. This picture was by R. Livingston, so I captured it A second piece by R. Livingston
PC050007.JPG PC220008.JPG PC220009.JPG
And a third Ginny Ginny and Jeff
PC240010.JPG PC240011.JPG PC240012.JPG
Cynthia A gorilla Another fake gorilla
PC250013.JPG PC250014.JPG PC250016.JPG
Cynthia squirming Sticking out her tounge Upside down


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