November 2001 Pictures

P9290008-mod.JPG PB030001.JPG PB030002.JPG
An enhanced picture of the sky My feet Cynthia protesting something
PB040005.JPG PB040008.JPG PB040009.JPG
Cynthia at bat Cynthia on base Cynthia's team
PB040010.JPG PB070011.JPG PB070012.JPG
Cynthia and her trophy Me at my desk at work Some football player and a girl
PB070013.JPG PB070014.JPG PB070015.JPG
Kathy D and some Giant Some NY Giant again Kathy D in Giants Stadium
PB070016.JPG PB070017.JPG PB070018.JPG
Again That other girl there The Giants locker room

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