September 2001 Pictures

20011007-01-BillNSue.jpg 20011007-02-CynSchoolFrame.jpg 20011007-03-EMG.jpg
My dad and grandmother A school picture of Cynthia in a frame Eva Gorman's official picture
20011007-04-BSR1975Adj.jpg 20011007-06-SamDesk1975Adj.jpg 20011007-07-Mom19420415.jpg
Me and my mom and dad in 1975 Me sitting in a chair, not recently My mom, again, not recently
20011008-01-Cynmadcake.jpg 20011008-02-CakeBlow99.jpg 20011008-03-BillSam199909.jpg
Cynthia unhappily eating a cake Me and Dad blowing out a cake My Father and I (a couple years ago)
20011008-04-CathyBillWatch.jpg 20011008-05-SamStudyBowl.jpg
Dad and Cathy watching one of Cynthia's softball games Me keeping score while bowling Cathy and Bill
PA010001.JPG PA020002.JPG PA020004.JPG
A sunset My *clean* car! See how clean it is?

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