September 2001 Pictures

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The Winter Garden after Sep 11 (from Yahoo) Marilyn at a bar in Manhattan Yukari and Marilyn
P9010003.JPG P9010004.JPG P9010005.JPG
Yukari, me and Marilyn Sam and Marilyn Something Yukari wanted a picture of
P9010006.JPG P9010007.JPG P9020008.JPG
Yukari and Marilyn in Times Square Me dipping Marilyn In front of the trade centers 10 days before they fell
P9020009.JPG P9020010.JPG P9020011.JPG
Sara Hunting Sara and my mom Sara and I
P9020012.JPG P9020013.JPG P9020014.JPG
Chasing in circles Tighter circles Sitting by the lawnchair
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