August 2001 Pictures

a P8030035.JPG P8030036.JPG
An old picture from years ago, that somehow ended up here Sara reveling in the mess she made Very thrilled and happy
P8030037.JPG P8040038.JPG P8040039.JPG
Even more so Sara's back in the car on the way to Mom's Sara wants to stay in New Jersey
P8040040.JPG P8050001.JPG P8050002.JPG
Zzzz... Sara arrives in Mom's yard Sara on her new dog walk with Mom
P8050003.JPG P8050004.JPG P8050005.JPG
Mom and Sara Lick! Down the Street
P8050006.JPG P8050007.JPG P8050008.JPG
Running in the Park Mom has to run too! On the bridge over the frog pond

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