July 2001 Pictures

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The first picture I took of Sara (not yet named) after I found her on I-95 The picture I put on the "Found Dog" Posters An Ostritch at Six Flags Wild Safari
P7170004.JPG P7170005.JPG P7170006.JPG
A camel A giraffe A baboon
P7180007.JPG P7180008.JPG P7180009.JPG
Cynthia walking Sara Sara walking Cynthia Come on, follow me!
P7180010.JPG P7180011.JPG P7180012.JPG
Well, then I'm going home! Cynthia and the leash Sara running
P7210013.JPG P7210014.JPG P7220015.JPG
Sara sitting Awwww.... Mom meets Sara
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