January 2001 Pictures

cynthia2000.jpg jyivan.jpg P1020003.JPG
Cynthia's School Picture Ivan and Juana Me, staring into space
P1070004.JPG P1150007.JPG P1150009.JPG
A nice snowy road My car hits 77777 miles A wider shot of 77777
P1200011.JPG P1200012.JPG P1200013.JPG
Chris spanking Rebecca Al, Rebecca and Sam ready for W's Inauguration Us in different light
P1200014.JPG P1200016.JPG P1200017.JPG
The US Capitol on Inauguration Day Rebecca and Al are cold The big screen TV
P1200018.JPG P1200019.JPG P1200020.JPG
Dick Cheney takes the oath W takes his oath W again

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