January 2000 Pictures

20000121pic10.jpg 20000121pic11.jpg 20000121pic12.jpg
Bowling Scores The train station right before Y2K Eastern time (after Y2K GMT) Outside of 3IW
20000121pic13.jpg 20000121pic1.jpg 20000121pic2.jpg
A road Sam with Candy Canes Cynthia with Candy Canes
20000121pic3.jpg 20000121pic4.jpg 20000121pic5.jpg
Cynthia and Sam A Christmas Tree Sam Bowling
20000121pic6.jpg 20000121pic7.jpg 20000121pic8.jpg
Cynthia bowling More bowling The ball is bigger than her head
20000121pic9.jpg 20000125pic1.jpg 20000125pic2.jpg
I'm going to miss it First person to email me and tell me what this is correctly gets a free dinner on me. Sam sitting, deep in thought

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