December 1999 Pictures

19991206pics10.jpg 19991206pics11.jpg 19991206pics12.jpg
Lights Important work stuff on Jack's Whiteboard Realitives of Kathy D.
19991206pics13.jpg 19991206pics14.jpg 19991206pics15.jpg
Once again Smiling and squirming Attacking Kathy
19991206pics16.jpg 19991206pics17.jpg 19991206pics1.jpg
A jacket someone was selling on ebay In different light A nice texture
19991206pics2.jpg 19991206pics3.jpg 19991206pics4.jpg
More textures A cube Cube Farm
19991206pics5.jpg 19991206pics6.jpg 19991206pics7.jpg
Parking Lot at Night My cube Penn Station at Night

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