October 1999 Pictures

19991003pic1.jpg 19991003pic2.jpg 19991003pic3.jpg
My car after it had to run on the spare My chin My hallway
19991029pics10.jpg 19991029pics11.jpg 19991029pics12.jpg
Paul. David and Ruth Brandon Reflections Dead trees in a pond
19991029pics13.jpg 19991029pics14.jpg 19991029pics15.jpg
Uncle David on the porch at Peck Lake Hills in New England Signs in New England
19991029pics16.jpg 19991029pics17.jpg 19991029pics1.jpg
Sam as Death Sam as Dumbledore Grandmother Brandon playing Scrabble
19991029pics2.jpg 19991029pics3.jpg 19991029pics4.jpg
Sam and GMB Mom and GMB Geese

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