September 1999 Pictures

19990907vac10.jpg 19990907vac11.jpg 19990907vac12.jpg
New York at Night Airplane wing at night Sleepy Sam
19990907vac13.jpg 19990907vac14.jpg 19990907vac15.jpg
Fishing in Nova Scotia Around the Province Lighthouse
19990907vac16.jpg 19990907vac17.jpg 19990907vac18.jpg
Enjoying the Ocean From the Sea Ivan and the Lighthouse
19990907vac19.jpg 19990907vac1.jpg 19990907vac20.jpg
Sam and the Lighthouse Nacho and Moira Sam and Ivan and the Lighthouse
19990907vac21.jpg 19990907vac22.jpg 19990907vac23.jpg
Ivan, Sam and the Sea Seagull on Watch Sam taking off the shoe he soaked by stepping into a 6 inch deep puddle of salt water

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