August 1999 Pictures

19990823pic1.jpg 19990823pic2.jpg 19990823pic3.jpg
Nacho and Moira Moira is a little puffy. He was sick. :-( Looking better
19990823pic4.jpg 19990823pic5.jpg 19990823pic6.jpg
Process Whiteboard Notebook More notebook
1999Vac10.jpg 1999Vac11.jpg 1999Vac12.jpg
Sam on Phone Kathy DeBaker Tractor
1999Vac13.jpg 1999Vac14.jpg 1999Vac15.jpg
Akshat and Suwannee Suwannee Moria, looking good!
1999Vac16.jpg 1999Vac17.jpg 1999Vac18.jpg
Nacho, before losing weight Page Designs More brainstorming

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