February 1999 Pictures

01_X.JPG 02_00.JPG 03_0.JPG
The GPS mounted in the car in Lac Megantic My mother driving in Lac Megantic The Post office in Lac Megantic, our destination
04_01.JPG 05_02.JPG 06_03.JPG
The actual "Lac" near Lac Megantic More scenery in the area It was a cloudy day, but still nice
07_04.JPG 08_05.JPG 09_06.JPG
A mountain in the distance More mountain A nice mountain shot
10_07.JPG 11_08.JPG 12_09.JPG
Uh, this was a different trip. Chad pointing at a burnt out house in Virginia Sam in Virginia as well Yet another place... Key West
13_10.JPG 14_11.JPG 15_12.JPG
Kathy standing at the beginning of US Route 1 in Key West Me standing at the beginning of Route 1. I need to find the other end someday. A broken bridge in the Keys

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