December 1998 Pictures

01_X.JPG 02_00.JPG 03_0.JPG
Some crates at a random spot I drove to More of the crates Interesting random spot, eh?
06_03A.JPG 07_04A.JPG 08_05A.JPG
A nicer random spot Something dark Grey
09_06.JPG 10_07A.JPG 11_08A.JPG
A birthday party for Cynthia at a shop On the random drive to Lac Megantic More from the Lac Megantic trip, I think this was actually in new Hampshire on the way there
12_09.JPG 13_10A.JPG 14_11A.JPG
More snowy back roads. It was a great drive! Snow and mountains We got onto some really small dirt roads on the way
15_12.JPG 16_13.JPG 17_14.JPG
In fact at one point we had to back track over an hour because we hit a dead end Lac Megantic The Sign for the Bed and Breakfast we stayed at

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