November 1998 Pictures

rdm.jpg Hweek98-2.jpg Cynsmile.jpg
An ad for the Lac Megantic region Me and Cynthia at Halloween Cynthia smiling
Cynthiaoncouch.jpg CynthiaoncouchM.jpg CathyandCynthia.jpg
Cynthia on the couch Cynthia on the couch again Cathy and Cynthia
alheadlock.jpg spaceduck.jpg lacmap.jpg
Al in a headlock at Springer A Space Duck A map of the Lac Megantic area
samportrait.jpg coupleM.jpg hween98-1.jpg
A drawing of me Marcus at work did A cute couple of kids I caught outside my window Haloween again
CynsmileM.jpg pdmm.jpg bekibody.jpg
Smile again More about Lac Megantic Rebecca at Springer

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