August 2009

Over the Hump
Begun Finally, This Nursery Has

July 2009

Curmudgeon's Corner: Really Long Effin Poem
DVD: Blue Planet: Seas of Life (Discovery Channel Version): Disk 3
Just a Thought
Alex's Baby Registry
And our baby's name will be... William Alexander Minter
Curmudgeon's Corner: Always Reboot
We Choose The Moon
Doctor 11 - Seriously, a Bow Tie?
DVD: Sixteen Candles
Cinema: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
Thoughts on Mozy?
And that's the way it is, July 17th 2009
Curmudgeon's Corner: Capitol-ism
DVD: Doctor Who: Inferno: Disk One
Amy Bottles
DVD: The Philadelphia Story
Double Time
Cinema: Up
Back in Action
Curmudgeon's Corner: Feverish
Hermano Juancito

June 2009

Curmudgeon's Corner: Freaking Huge
Somalia Crossroads
She Be Sunk, Cap'n
Hold Up, Wait
DVD: Jerry Maguire
DVD: From Here to Eternity
Curmudgeon's Corner: News of Thunder
Slower Day
A Thought on the Actual Election Results
Being Careful
Saturday in Iran
Iran Sources
Iran Video
The Day of the Green
Saturn Milestone
iPhone 3.0 Bug with Shuffled Podcasts
Thirteen More Weeks of SemiProductivity
Toasting Television
Open Wide!
The Dish on Iran
It Doesn't Help
Yes, Partly, but...
Less Than Seven
Curmudgeon's Corner: Breaking News
DVD: Dune
Kindle Ratio for 15 Jun 2009 - 45%
Book: Ender's Game
To Be Fair
Useless News Networks
Curmudgeon's Corner: Invisible Pens
Yo Ho Ho!!
What's Up With That?
Curmudgeon's Corner: Life on TV
DVD: Doctor Who: The War Machines
Nice Deposit

May 2009

Cowburger and Fries
Curmudgeon's Corner: Reuniting with Nukes
Kindle Ratio for 26 May 2009 - 45%
Book: Until the Sea Shall Free Them
Curmudgeon's Corner: Pictures and Microwaves
Because I Can: on Kindle
Glad We Left
DVD: Blue Planet: Seas of Life (Discovery Channel Version): Disk 2
Cinema: Star Trek
Curmudgeon's Corner: Cheney's Phoning Pig Brains
Local Swine
Shoe Car for Brandy?
Ripped Nissan
Plouffe Piece
Stan the Man
DVD: Blue Planet: Seas of Life (Discovery Channel Version): Disk 1
Curmudgeon's Corner: Dribbles of News
Last Swine Flu Dashboard Enhancements
Swine Flu Dashboard Adjustment
Feeling Blue
Swine Flu Acceleration
Addition to Swine Flu Dashboard
Swine Flu Dashboard
Mail Good
Diary of Hiram Harvey Hurlburt Jr: Chapter 12
Diary of Hiram Harvey Hurlburt Jr: Chapter 11
DVD: In the Shadow of the Moon
Computers Don't Like Losing Power
But Mom, All the Cool Kids Have Swine Flu!

April 2009

Curmudgeon's Corner: Episode 100
In the Woods
Baby Squirrel
Curmudgeon's Corner: Diplomatic Windows
DVD: Doctor Who: The Time Meddler
Pirate Bay - Guilty
Curmudgeon's Corner: Ivan Sings
Taxes Done
Oops... is today Tax Day?
AbulDash Launches
DVD: Bruce Almighty
Curmudgeon's Corner: Burning the Globe
Boing Boing Boing
DVD: Pulp Fiction
Curmudgen's Corner: The Big Lip Thing
Not Happy
All Hands 10

March 2009

Snuggie Showdown
Woo! Sling Me!
Curmudgeon's Corner: Click Click Click
Not to Mention
Curmudgeon's Corner: My Eyes Passed Out
Apathetic Non-Likely Voters
Hed Code
Moving an Office
Another Fourteen Weeks of SemiProductivity
Cinema: Watchmen
Stewart and Cramer
Curmudgeon's Corner: Giant Blue Radioactive Man
Blue Whale
Stewart on CNBC
What is Molybdenum?
Hey Ma, Look What I Found!
Curmudgeon's Corner: Element 42
Worse than 1929
Ding Dong
Ivan Missed the Call
Mac on an iPhone
A Little Rush Music

February 2009

Molybdenum is Coming
Time to Check it Out Again
Curmudgeon's Corner: It Is Big, It Is Lunch
Curmudgeon's Corner: The Vengaboat is Coming
Iced Saturn
Curmudgeon's Corner: Going Like Dirt
DVD: Doctor Who and the Silurians: Disk 2
Cinema: Outlander
Curmudgeon's Corner: Sam's Syrupy Show
Amy's Monkee Show
King County Director of Elections
The Leech Returns

January 2009

Kindle Ratio for 31 Jan 2009 - 35%
Book: Foucault's Pendulum
Curmudgeon's Corner: In with the New
Yup, Late Again
DVD: American Beauty
Want One
Last Gift!
In the Oval
So Very Different
Just to Be Sure...
Inaugural Address
And Now...
The Traditional Walk
The Other Mistake
Dropping Like Flies!
On The Oath
The Mangling
And So It Begins
Don't Let the Door Hit You...
The Key Paragraphs
Change is Fast
President Barack Hussein Obama
Two Hours
The 44
Less Than Twelve Hours
Curmudgeon's Corner: Out with the Old
Welcome to (what will be) Air Force One
Manditory MLK Day 2009 Viewing
W's Invisible Farewell
Bull on That
Sam and Inaugurations
Please Do, That's Just Fine
Crash Video
More W Retrospective
Goodbye W
What Could Have Been
Curmudgeon's Corner: Pausing Time Makes You Late
Inside a Hologram
All About the Deformed Ewok
The Tennessee Flip
Very Very Late
Until the Dust Settles...
Three Years in the Jungle
Mom Visit Pending
Officialized by Darth Cheney
Sleeping the Night Away
Burris In
Curmudgeon's Corner: Welcome to the Future
Losing a Governor?
Yet Again
Level Up
Our Old House
Goodbye Newport Hills Red Apple
Freeze Bubbles
DVD: American Virgin
By the way, we're all going to die!
Sleeping Siblings (Sorta)
Why Roscoe Isn't Allowed in the Bedroom
Amy Statement of Sing
Wrong Comparison
OK, Cute
Happy New MegaBears!
Sara's New Bed

December 2008

Beaker Joy!
Rodent on Keys
Podcast Now Fixed
Podcast Fix Coming
Curmudgeon's Corner: There Goes The Year
First Hundred Days
I Shall Be Mr. Sneeze
November 2004 Top Ten!
DVD: Amadeus
A Change on the S&P
Late Stuff
Merry Giant Tomato Day!
Diary of Hiram Harvey Hurlburt Jr: Chapter 10
And Still It Snows
Still Snowing
Storm Effects
Curmudgeon's Corner: The Chore of Playing
Ice Spear
Diary of Hiram Harvey Hurlburt Jr: Chapter 9
Wind Fizzle
Storm a Comin'
A Visit from Hoshi
Lizard People. Flying Spaghetti Monster, and Frankenstein
Cinema: The Day the Earth Stood Still
Curmudgeon's Corner: Swindle and Fraud
Kindle Ratio for 17 Dec 2008 - 35%
Book: Java: The Complete Reference, Seventh Edition
Staying Faithful
Refusing to be Cancelled, the Fluffies Arrive
Maybe Fluffies?
Curmudgeon's Corner: As They Riot, They Sing
Delayed Curmudgeon
Who is Senate Candidate 1?
Ain't Illinois Grand?
Answer to the Question
Office Tree
Logistics Question
Yes Sam Can
Saxby Wins - Good
The First
DVD: The Gift

November 2008

Curmudgeon's Corner: At Odds for Many Many Years
Cinema: Twilight
It Begins With Lights
Fourteen Weeks of SemiProductivity
The Real WKRP
Turkey Day 2008
Stupid CNN
Trip to Russia
Curmudgeon's Corner: Sam and the Pirates
Roscoe Talks to Sam and Amy
Walked Himself to the Grocery Store
Electoral College: Called - Missouri for McCain - That's All Folks
Finally Missouri
Curmudgeon's Corner: Ivan is Offended by Partying
Cinema: Eagle Eye
My Freshman and Sophomore Dorm
Electoral College: Called (Again) - Nebraska Second District
The View From My Window
Slow Amy
CNN Slowness
Why So Soon?
Really, Please Stop, K?
Curmudgeon's Corner: In Detox for Election Withdrawal
Abulsme's Election Night
TSO 2008
Electoral College: Called - North Carolina for Obama
CNN and North Carolina
Mail Backlog
Maybe CNN Stopped
All Hands 9
Getting close on North Carolina
Obama Brings Inflation Already
Still Waiting on MO and NC
Electoral College: Called - Indiana for Obama
Back to Work...
Iowa Was the Wrong Color
Three Out Of Three
My Old Counties
Why Won't CNN Call Them?
Electoral College: Called - Montana for McCain
Indiana heading toward Blue...
Dancing in the Streets
Electoral College: Called - Nebraska (Omaha District) for McCain
The Speech
Electoral College: Called - Alaska
Catch Up
Obama Speech
Electoral College: Called - South Dakota, Nebraska and Nevada
Electoral College: Called - Arizona, Colorado and Florida
Electoral College: Called - CA, OR, WA, HI, ID - Pushed Obama Over 270
McCain Concession
Electoral College: Called - Virginia for Obama
Obama Passes 270
We're about to go over 270...
Electoral College: Called - Texas and Mississippi for McCain
Electoral College: Called - IA, UT, KS, AR and the rest of Maine
Electoral College: Louisiana for McCain, New Mexico for Obama
Electoral College: Called - Ohio for Obama. THIS. IS. OVER.
Electoral College: Called - West Virginia for McCain
That Will Be It
Electoral College: Called - RI, MI, WI, MN, NY, WY, ND, GA
Electoral College: Called - Alabama for McCain
A Lot More States in Seven Minutes
Electoral College: Called - Pennsylvania and New Hampshire for Obama
Electoral College: Called - MA, IL, CT, NJ, DE, MD, DC, OK, TN... and part of ME
Electoral College: Called - South Carolina (8 ev) for McCain
Next Wave in 10 Minutes
CNN Hologram
People Watching
Electoral College: Called - Kentucky (8 ev) for McCain, Vermont (3 ev) for Obama
5 Minutes
Range of Possibilities
Final Prediction
15 minutes
More Logistics
Actual Vote Count from Kentucky
Drudge Exit Poll Headlines
Calling the Election
First Polls Have Closed
CNN Has First Exit Polls...
Some Medicine for those Stressed by the Election
A Thought
I Voted
Ballot Page Two (Part 4)
Hey, what happened to Michael Bond?
Ballot Page Two (Part 3)
Ballot Page Two (Part 2)
McCain Chance of Winning: 1.1%
Ballot Page Two (Part 1)
Washington State Governor
United States Representative Congressional District No 8
President and Vice President of the United States
Electoral College: New Mexico Strengthens for Obama
Electoral College: Virginia stops Swinging, Pennsylvania Strengthens
Obama also won Hart's Location
Next is Prez
King County Charter Amendment No. 8 Nonpartisan Elections
King County Charter Amendment No. 7 Charter Amendment by Citizen Initiative
King County Charter Amendment No. 6 Budget Deadlines
Electoral College: Obama loses strength in Michigan
King County Charter Amendment No. 5 Establishing Forecast Council and Office of Economic and Financial Analysis
King County Charter Amendment No. 4 Additional Qualifications for Elected Officials
King County Charter Amendment No. 3 Regional Committees
Obama wins Dixville Notch!!
Electoral College: Missouri flips back to Obama
Obama on his Grandmother
Handy Poll Closing Map
King County Charter Amendment No. 2 Prohibiting Discrimination
McCain Chance of Winning: 1.9%
King County Charter Amendment No. 1 Elected Elections Director
Initiative Measure No. 1029
An Amazing Chart
Initiative Measure No. 1000
Palin Cleared
Initiative Measure No. 985
Election Day Update Page
Electoral College: On Election Eve, North Carolina Flips to McCain
Obama's Grandmother is Dead
Curmudgeon's Corner: Waiting for the Fat Lady
Electoral Contest Thingy
Testing Curmudgeon's Corner Live
McCain Win Scenarios
Thirty Five Questions on the Ballot
Electoral College: Last Minute McCain Surge?
On My Way to Victory!
Attack of the Snuggie!
OK, McCain was Really Funny
Cinema: Quarantine
Electoral College: Missouri flips to McCain, Arizona swings again
I Am Homework!
Amy as Marilyn
The Goblins Should Be Here Soon!

October 2008

Electoral College: Indiana Back to McCain, Wisconsin Restrengthens for Obama
Electoral College: And Now a Bad Polling Day for Obama
Infomercial Thoughts
Three Dead Hours
Electoral College: Very Very Bad Polling Day for McCain
The Distraction
Up and Down
Electoral College: Ohio Swings Again, Arizona Weakens
Lack of Other Stuff
Puzzle the Third
Curmudgeon's Corner: He Hit His Face But Broke His Ankle
Electoral College: Virginia and Colorado Blue Again
Electoral College: Georgia on my Mind (and Virginia)
Electoral College: Ohio and West Virginia Stop Swinging
Electoral College: Obama gains more Strong States
Electoral College: The Race Tightens
Curmudgeon's Corner: Can He Go Lower?
Smoking Pens
Electoral College: North Dakota Swings Again
Electoral College: New Hampshire Weakens for Obama Again
Electoral College: Can Florida Please Sit Still?
Not Fair, But...
Zero? What?
Prez Debate #3 Reax
Liveblogging Prez Debate #3
Electoral College: Fickle Florida
Twelve Hours
Electoral College: Swapping Florida for Colorado. plus Missouri Flips
Curmudgeon's Corner: Bottles of Economic Ruin
Electoral College: Florida Goes Blue Again
Electoral College: West Virginia Swings... West Virginia?
Coral Infanto-Juvenil Santa Marcelina
In These Tough Times
Thing to Avoid
In the long run, Stocks go up
Electoral College: Pennsylvania strengthens for Obama
Still Heading Down
That One...
The Non-Handshake
Prez Debate #2 Reax
Prez Debate #2 - Liveblog
Roomba Song
Electoral College: Mixed Day, Race Tightens a Little
Curmudgeon's Corner: Doing It Twice
Dow 10,000
Electoral College: Another Day, Another State Strengthens for Obama
Bird in House
Timelapse Sky
Electoral College: NH strengthens for Obama
The Moment
Bailout Passed
Electoral College: FL Stops Swinging, It Is Over, Obama Wins, We Can All Go Home Now
First Veep Debate Reax
Veep Debate
A Visit from Midnight
Electoral College: MN strengthens for Obama, NV flips to Obama
Electoral College: FL and OH Flip to Obama, Biggest Obama Lead So Far

September 2008

Electoral College: PA Strengthens for Obama, NC Flips to Obama
Look Out Below
Curmudgeon's Corner: Bonzo, not Mister Ed
Page Count
I Called It!
The Real Palin on SNL??
Electoral College: Colorado Swings Again, Montana Stops Swinging
Big Green Musical Thing
Summary Thoughts on First Debate
Live Blogging the First Debate
Electoral College: Three States Move Toward Obama
I Take It Back
Electoral College: Colorado Moves Toward Obama, Stops Swinging
Forget a Mini or a Smart
McCain on Letterman (not)
You have got to be kidding me...
Curmudgeon's Corner: If We Need a Great Depression...
Electoral College: VA Flips to Obama, Obama retakes the lead!
Paul Retrospective
Starting School
First Dude
The Conservative Obama
Electoral College: MN weakens for Obama and Swings
Electoral College: NC Weakens for McCain and Swings Again
Cinema: Traitor
No Surprise Here
Yes, Of Course They Are
Electoral College: Swapping Some States
DVD: Doctor Who and the Silurians: Disk 1
Begun, This Election Has
Ties, Ties, Wonderful Ties
Electoral College: That Didn't Last Long, Tied Race Again
Electoral College: Lots of Changes, McCain takes the Lead!!
A Video Clip to Warm Ivan's Heart
Electoral College: The Biden Effect!
The Advice from Pollster
Electoral College: McCain Keeps Bumping
Paul in Montana
Ike Witness
13513.9614 Days
Goodbye Mother Merrill
Curmudgeon's Corner: It Doesn't Matter If It Is True
No Internet
New Sitemeter
Electoral College: New Hampshire Flips to McCain... ELECTORAL COLLEGE TIE!
Moo! Moo!!
Electoral College: McCain Bounce Continues
Glad There is a Choice
Obama, McCain and Trust
Obama, McCain, Integrity and Experts
Electoral College: McMentum Continues
Popular Vote vs Electoral College
Two KiloPosts
Hello Ike
Electoral College: The McCain Surge Continues
Morning Meetings
Electoral College: McCain Bounce? Four States of Bad News for Obama
Traffic Increases
Curmudgeon's Corner: Program Her Brain
Vacation Productivity Update
McCain Speech
Electoral College: Alaska stops swinging, strengthens for McCain
Final Republican Results
A Good Day at Home
Officially McCain
Actual Final Democratic Results
Palin Reax After Speech
Midspeech Palin Reax
Diary of Hiram Harvey Hurlburt Jr: Chapter 8
Ventura 2012?
8th Grade Ahoy
Babygate Rumors
Curmudgeon's Corner: Wearing It Backwards

August 2008

Bigger View Of Gustav
Incoming Gustav
Flying Bumber People
Cat 4
Because I Could No Longer Wait
Ivan Jamaica Update
Initial Palin Thoughts
Best Rumors: Palin
Still No Leaks
Not Off Today
Sullivan's Take
McCain's Congratulations
New Gustav Update from Ivan
The Obama Speech
The Crowd
A Street From Above
Final Dem Delegate Update
Upset Hillary Delegate
Gustav Live Report
McCain Veeps
Gustav Again
Biden's Speech
Watching Bill
Diary of Hiram Harvey Hurlburt Jr: Chapter 7
Officially Obama
New York...
After All That, Michigan
After All That, Florida
Lots of Flippers
Absentions Going On
Abbreviated Roll Call
Hillary's Speech
Gov Schweitzer
Life with a Northern Cow
A Little on Dial Cousins
Good Time to Visit Jamaica
Electoral College: More Pre-Bounce Bounce?
Curmudgeon's Corner: This is the Silly Stuff
Shameful Capitulation
Electoral College: Obama Pre-Bounce Bounce?
Texting Fail
Once again no Bayh
Vacation Time!
Looks like Bayh?
Day of Week
538's Simulations Flip to McCain
Fair Use under DMCA
Needing a Bump
Lulling McCain
Fay Still Visiting My Old House
Electoral College: Ohio flips to McCain! Race Very Tight Once Again
Fay Just Sitting
Election Results
Burn Party
Fay over Palm Bay
Out of Time
King County Superior Court Position 1
Washinton State Court of Appeals Div 1 Dist 1 Pos 6
Washinton State Court of Appeals Div 1 Dist 1 Pos 5
Washington State Supreme Court Justice Position #7
Washington State Supreme Court Justice Position #4
Washington State Supreme Court Justice Position #3
Washington State Representative Position 2 District 41
Washington State Representative Position 1 District 41
Washington State Senator District 41
Washington State Insurance Commissioner
Washinton State Superintendant of Public Instruction
Washington State Commissioner of Public Lands
Washington State Attorney General
Washington State Auditor
Washington State Treasurer
Sam Hearts Time Machine
Washington State Secretary of State
Washington State Lieutenant Governor
Washington State Governor (Part II)
Washington State Governor (Part I)
US Representative, Congressional District #8
Electoral College: Obama loses strength in Minnesota
Fay Coming to my Old House
Curmudgeon's Corner: Smart for a Change
Twenty Dollar
Probably My Only Olympics Post
DVD: Roswell: Season One: Disk Two
Hot Hot Hot
Sent Home
No Power
Roll Call Vote
Electoral College: Virginia flips back to McCain
Ahhh... That's Better
Leaving Voice Mails
Electoral College: Alaska Swings, Obama weakens in New Jersey
Curmudgeon's Corner: Showing Up to Bang Georgia
Abulsme Function in OEIS
Electoral College: Obama weakens in Michigan, Michigan Swings
Obama'd Rickroll
Electoral College: Obama loses strength in Wisconsin
Follow the Forger II
Cinema: X-Files: I Want to Believe
King County Initiative 26 and Council-Proposed Alternative Question 2
Paris Responds
No Bayh
Sam Syndicates Something
Curmudgeon's Corner: Even Still Anyway
Sometimes One, Sometimes Another
Florida and Michigan
Redness Comes
No Bread Today Thank You
Fire Flavored Pizza
The One Indeed
King County Initiative 26 and Council-Proposed Alternative Question 1
Local Primary and Special Elections
A Veteran's Dog
Bye Bye Laptop

July 2008

More IP Nonsense
McCain is Ahead! NOT
BY-NC-SA is Here Now
Stupid IE
Curmudgeon's Corner: Nothing is Off the Record
Moved AbulWiki
Electoral College: McCain strengthens in South Carolina
More on Transitions
Seperate States
Electoral College: New Hampshire Swings, McCain Weakens in Mississippi
Electoral College: NJ Strengthens for Obama (Again)
I'm Flat
Getting Very Tempted
Curmudgeon's Corner: Automatic Remote Wipe
Electoral College: A Good Day for McCain
Electoral College: Florida Swings Again
Curmudgeon's Corner: Fear of the Nut
Electoral College: South Dakota Weakens for McCain
Few Days
Electoral College: Wisconsin Strengthens for Obama
Still Not Getting an iPhone
Roscoe's Leg Two
Roscoe's Leg
Electoral College: Oops on Iowa, and NJ weakens for Obama
Shame on all 69 of them
Electoral College: Map Changing Zogby Poll Dump
Back to Safari
Curmudgeon's Corner: Manipulated by the Birth/Death Effect
DVD: Bridge to Terabithia
Cinema: WALL-E
Electoral College: Montana weakens for McCain
Amy in Canada
Electoral College: Virginia flips to Obama
You Can Stop Now Please
Woo! Profiles Stay!
Any Reason

June 2008

Hersh on Iran
Curmudgeon's Corner: Shoot the Economy
Roscoe and the Hose
Improved AbulCam Timelapses
Electoral College: MN strengthens for Obama, KS weakens for McCain
An Ancestor
Electoral College: Michigan Flips to Obama
Where Did Everybody Go?
Torn on Firefox
Curmudgeon's Corner: Always More to Do
Electoral College: New Hampshire Flips to Obama
That FISA Thing
Electoral College: Georgia Weakens for McCain
DVD: Stardust
Electoral College: Bad News for McCain in Florida and Wisconsin
Damn You Netflix, Damn You
Death of an iSight
Curmudgeonly Note #2
Curmudgeonly Note #1
Curmudgeon's Corner: Mr Wolf Mr Wolf Mr Wolf
Electoral College: MN weakens for Obama, NC weakens for McCain
New Firefox
Thank You Eurisko
Electoral College: Nevada flips to McCain
A Little Mom Bio
Russert Dead
Electoral College: MA, NJ go Strong for Obama
Home Again
Late Delegates
Cynthia's Graduation
Volumes Fixed
Electoral College: South Carolina Strengthens for McCain
Curmudgeon's Corner: From One Phase to Another
Selecting Seats
DVD: Doctor Who: The Invasion: Disk 2
A Duff in Seattle
All Hands 8
Electoral College: Missouri Weakens for McCain
Final Round of MT, SD Updates
And on the Drop Out
Town Halls
First Round of MT, SD Updates
DVD: Sin City
This is our Moment, This is our Time
Fighting On?
Tooting Time
The Map at the Starting Line
No Decisions Tonight
Clinton's Popular Vote
Obama Clinches the Nomination
Just a Few Minutes
Electoral College: Washington gets Stronger for Obama
Delegates before the Final Primaries
Cinema: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
Curmudgeon's Corner: One Year Later
Delegates after Puerto Rico
Delegates after the Rules Change
DVD: Funny Face

May 2008

For the Record on FL/MI
Delegates While Waiting for RBC
And of course...
Electoral College: NY Stronger for Obama, TX Stronger for McCain
Quick Delegate Update
Updated Random Spot Tool
Bleh Bleh
Oh, Some Republican Delegates
Electoral Triva
Electoral College: Nebraska Strengthens More for McCain
Closer and Closer (Delegates)
If Michigan Comes 'As Is'
Reminds Me of the Wean Physics Lounge
Electoral College: Minnesota strengthens for Obama
More Delegates, More Delegates
Curmudgeon's Corner: Continuous Surge of Different Bubbles
The 'Enemy'
Wiki Chain
Cinema: Iron Man
The Delegate Trickle Continues
Proposed ACTA
I Fear This is True
Please Be True
Inimigos da HP
Just a Flesh Wound
Electoral College: Obama takes the lead as Ohio Flips
Final Round of KY, OR Updates
Electoral College: McCain weakens in Indiana
Second Round of KY, OR Updates
Electoral College: PA Flips to Obama, VA Strengthens for McCain
Who News
First Round of KY, OR Updates
Curmudgeon's Corner: How's the Weather?
KY/OR Predictions
Delegates Before KY/OR
Analysis of a Tie
Electoral College: Nebraska Strengthens for McCain
Last Concert of the Season
Almost There
The Real Dream Ticket(s)
More Delegates to Obama
All the Good Stupid Ideas
Again and Again
The Matthews/James Thing
Electoral College: South Dakota Strengthens for McCain
Today's Obama Delegate Haul
More Unlikely Drama
Electoral College: North Dakota flips to McCain
About that Pledged Switcher
Palm Bay on Fire
West Virginia Delegate Results
Even the Pledged
Four More Supers
Curmudgeon's Corner: Cyclones, Racists and More!
One Little Superdelegate
Electoral College: Michigan Flips to McCain
Clinton Needs More Than 70% Now
Remaining States Update
Final Round of IN, NC Updates
So Wrong, So Very Very Wrong...
A Super Switch and Finally Republican Updates
Second Round of IN, NC Updates
Regular Stump
This Will be Good
First Round of IN, NC Updates
She Signals That She Goes On
Delegate Counts at 8:00 UTC
Delegate Counts at 7:00 UTC
Delegate Counts at 6:00 UTC
Delegate Counts at 5:00 UTC
Canceling Appearances
Delegate Counts at 4:00 UTC
Delegate Counts at 3:00 UTC
Delegate Counts at 2:00 UTC
Delegate Counts at 1:00 UTC
Delegate Counts at 0:00 UTC
Ignore the Spin, This is Easy
Curmudgeon's Corner: And We Keep Going... And Going... And...
Last Delegate Update before Indiana and North Carolina
Little Fishies
Indiana Gap Opened
Sleeping Sam
Indiana Gap Closed
School Choices
Sidewalk Flower
Electoral College: New Hampshire Flips to McCain
Delegates after Guam
Seven Votes in Guam
The Rest of the Race
Hillary Gets Her Ratio (Today)
DVD: Enemy of the State
Another Stupid, But Funny, Political Video
Electoral College: Obama weakens in New Hampshire
Hmmm.... When You Shrink It I Don't Like It
A Switcher Plus a New One
From 400 to 500
Great Summary
Time Machine Drive Full
Electoral College: Obama strengthens in New Jersey
Seven More Supers Fall Off the Wall

April 2008

A Better Look at the Race
A Proposal for a Split
Curmudgeon's Corner: Ivan Under the Sea
Electoral College: Obama strengthens in Massachusetts
Edwards Makes His Move!
The Good Reverend
Third Round of PA Delegate Updates
Second Round of PA Delegate Updates
First Round of PA Delegate Updates
After Four Hours
After Three Hours
That Didn't Last Long
After Two Hours
Bot Magic
As Expected
Falling is not Fun (Still Hurts)
Last Delegate Update Before Pennsylvania
Poll Ups and Downs
Curmudgeon's Corner: Popes, Potters and Pennsylvania
Electoral College: PA Keeps Flipping, McCain Back in Lead
Down the Stairs
White Stuff
Test Results
Electoral College: Many New Polls, Uncertainty Increases
Ohio Gives Some Late Love to McCain
You're Putting a Camera WHERE??
Electoral College: Obama weakens in Colorado
CNN Catches up on Counts
90 Minutes Later
After the Debate
Almost Debating
Electoral College: McCain up in TX, Obama down in MA
Remaining States
Electoral College: Obama takes the lead when PA flips
Yup, Five Percent Didn't Last Long
Drips and Drabs
Under Five Percent in Pennsylvania
King County Democratic Convention
Curmudgeon's Corner: Every Single Phrase Will Be Parsed
Desired Effect?
Electoral College: New Mexico Flips to Obama
A Little Here, A Little There
Unforced Error
Electoral College: McCain gains strength in Ohio
Electoral College: Obama loses strength in New York
See, They are Fine
Curmudgeon's Corner: The Eyebrow Caucus
Late Curmudgeon
Obama Weakens in Iowa
Thirteen and a Half Hours
At the LD Caucus
Trickle, Trickle
Please? Can we? Please?
Lunch Article
Two Articles
To Friends Still There...
Gap Closing in PA
One Super Delegate
Electoral College: Obama weakens again in Wisconsin

March 2008

Bogus Gore Math
Curmudgeon's Corner: House of Style
Welcome Lufthansa
Electoral College: McCain strengthens in Virginia
Hillary Continues to Fall Further Behind
Cousin It Comes to Visit
From 1995: Why the Internet Sucks
Sam's Ewok Challenge
The Dash
Hamsters from the Sky
Electoral College: Obama strengthens in Wisconsin
No Milk
Electoral College: Obama weakens in Nevada
Curmudgeon's Corner: Everything Still Sucks
Obama Foreign Policy
Electoral College: Minnesota flips to Obama
Finally Some Superdelegates for Clinton
The Other Obama
Delegates Trickle in for Obama
O's Big Speech
Curmudgeon's Corner: Margaritas, Bullets and Bombs
Iowa Returns
DVD: Doctor Who: The Invasion: Disk 1
Electoral College: Added Leaning
Electoral College: Ohio Flips back to McCain
Obama and the Dude
Earlier Tonight
Electoral College: PA Flips Again, McCain Retakes Lead
Up a few, Down a few (Delegates)
Why... Can't... Sleep??
Electoral College: PA, NJ Flip to Obama - Obama takes Lead
Some Delegates from Mississippi... and Texas
Nap Time
Bellevue School District No. 405, Proposition No 1
Electoral College: Ohio Flips to Obama
Digging Abulsme
Bad Week for Obama... Not!
Curmudgeon's Corner: We are so Screwed
Insignificant Changes from Wyoming
Electoral College: Polls for Every State! McCain Wins!
Walking Dead
Tough Decisions Delayed
Second Day of OH/RI/TX/VT Delegates
Another Arrival
Initial TX/OH/RI/VT Delegate Results
They are Home
Texas Primary for Clinton
Sam is a Swing Voter
Clinton Wins Ohio
McCain Almost Official
Home, But Less Fun
A Little More Math
A Few More Delegates before Texas
So... She Could Do It
Lunch Puppy
Electoral College: First Poll for New Jersey
Curmudgeon's Corner: A Word from the Dog
Diary of Hiram Harvey Hurlburt Jr: Chapter 6
Time Machine Happy

February 2008

Electoral College: First Polls for Tennessee and Florida
Delegates by Inches
The Math
Jumpin Jumpin Jumpin
New Laptop for Brandy
Electoral College: Pennsylvania Flips to Obama
More Delegates from Nowhere
Goodbye Myron Cope
Delegates from Nowhere
Ohio Debate
Finally New MacBook Pros
The Delegates Trickle In
Six Degrees, Nah Two Degrees
Cowboy Obama
Raining Sun
Curmudgeon's Corner: When the Cat is Away
Book: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
Abulsme's Electoral College Predictions
Book: The Audacity of Hope
Texas Debate
Puzzled Again
Early Non-Meetings
More Gap Widening
Fine Surgery
Time to Call it?
The Gap Widens
Dropped Off
Delegates are Real People
Goodbye Fidel, Hello Raul
Close Races in Wisconsin (and elsewhere)
Of course on that ballot thing...
Washington State Democratic Primary
Curmudgeon's Corner: Guns and iPhones
Oh Yeah... National Polls
Minor Adjustments and Romney Endorsement
Home Alone Soon
Obama Over 50%
And then Obama was Ahead...
Funnier Song
Any Thoughts on Potomac Primary?
Spitting Distance
Curmudgeon's Corner: Absent a Lightning Strike
DVD: All Quiet on the Western Front
Saturday Results
Washington State Democratic Caucus, 41st District
I'm a Delegate
My Precinct
At the Caucus
Still Adjusting Super Tuesday
Paul Kinda Out, but not Fully
Comments Problem
No Live Speeches for Sam
More Delegate Adjustments
And Romney's Out...
Additional Super Tuesday Adjustments
Post-Super Tuesday Delegate Graphs
Those Cable Cuts
Super Tuesday Half Hour by Half Hour
Romney over 25% of Delegates
McCain below 60% again, Huckabee above 15%
Obama over 45% of Delegates
Huckabee under 15% Again
Huckabee over 15% of Delegates
Huckabee over 10% of Delegates
Huckabee below 10% of Delegates
McCain over 60% of Delegates
McCain over 50% of Delegates
One more Thought...
Oh yeah, the R's
Lunch Predictions for Super Tuesday
Lunch Songs
Mrs Arnold
Close Republican Race - For a Bit
Curmudgeon's Corner: Green Airplanes Fly to Super Tuesday
Maine Caucus
Goodbye Edwards
Post-Copying Generatives
All Hands 7
The Line Goes Up, Makes Sam Happy
Charts to Watch
12 Year Old Kid + Allowance Debit Card + Internet = ???
Global Middle School Warming
No Blood

January 2008

The Line Goes Down, Makes Sam Sad
CA Repub Debate Thoughts
Edwards Out....
And then there was Florida...
Curmudgeon's Corner: Everyone Not on Your Side is Evil
Post-SC Dem Delegates
Clinton in Second
Obama Wins South Carolina
Book: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
Adjustments Ahead of South Carolina
More Superdelegate Games
Superdelegate Games
Review Time
SC Debate: Wow
Curmudgeon's Corner: What is a Buggy Whip?
Paul in Nevada
True Binary Clock for iPhone
Delegate Graphs with Preliminary Results from Nevada and South Carolina Republicans
There is no way it has been that long...
The Real Reason Ivan Won't Vote for McCain
Re-updated Post-Michigan Delegate Graphs
Post Michigan Delegate Graphs
Boring MacWorld
Countdown at 12
Curmudgeon's Corner: Breaking the Hour Barrier
Book: Data Mining: Concepts and Techniques: Second Edition
DVD: Saved!
Two Years in the Jungle
SC Repub Debate
Paul Crow
Obama Won New Hampshire After All?
Graphing the Presidential Race
Updated Delegate Count After NH
Wow - Upset - Fun
Curmudgeon's Corner: Our Longest Show Yet
Disappointing Dems
How a Debate Should Be
#%$^#$ West Coast Delay
Delegate Count
Mean Prediction
Dem Candidate Advice
Obama Rising
Iowa: Huckabee and Obama
Abulsme Presidential Predictions
Abulsme Presidential Endorsements
Completely Up for Grabs
DVD: The Machinist
Diary of Hiram Harvey Hurlburt Jr: Chapter 5
DVD: Buffy the Vampire Slayer: 2nd Season: Disk 6

December 2007

Curmudgeon's Corner: The Importance of Third
Partially Back
DVD: Buffy the Vampire Slayer: 2nd Season: Disk 5
Candidate Times
Clean Install
Graphic Violence
Dalek Thay and Human Amy
Oh Yeah...
Santa Day!
So Slow
Curmudgeon's Corner: Stupid Positions for No Reason Whatsoever
Short Personal News Items
Foiling the Evil Greg
Email Explosion
Curmudgeon's Corner: Failing to Discuss Huckabee
Now the R's
Getting Interesting Fast
Mom Visit Starting
Months of Dragging
Gave up on Time Machine
Curmudgeon's Corner: Dog Coats and CIA Tapes
Sorta the Weekend
Not Really the Weekend Yet
Busy Week
So I was playing with a suction cup...
Curmudgeon's Corner: Sam's Super Short Sick Show
312.1 K
White Fluffies
311.0 K

November 2007

Of course...
Amy's Hand
Dizzy Sam
Curmudgeon's Corner: In Person All Together
Mr Wolf, Mr Wolf
Too Short
Sam Turkey
Sensitivity to Fire
Up to Fourth
Amy in Concert Again
Curmudgeon's Corner: Oh... I licked the dog!
Look at me, I'm wearing a Vegetable!
Musharraf's Uniform
Damn Early Sunset
Huckabee and Others
Continue to Drag
Still Cold
Diary of Hiram Harvey Hurlburt Jr: Chapter 4
Very Sleepy
Curmudgeon's Corner: It is a Cycle, It is all Connected
DVD: Fly Away Home
Watching the Confirmation
US Troop Iraq Death Rate
Finally Time Machined
Looking Up At You
Paul Money
Finally Over
Election Prep: Public Hospital District No 1 Commissioner District No 5
Election Prep: Public Hospital District No 1 Commissioner District No 3
Election Prep: Bellevue School District No 405 Director District No 4
Election Prep: Bellevue School District No 405 Director District No 2
Election Prep: Bellevue School District No 405 Director District No 1
Election Prep: Bellevue Council Position No 7
Election Prep: Bellevue Council Position No 5
Election Prep: Bellevue Council Position No 3
Election Prep: Bellevue Council Position No 1
Election Prep: Sound Transit and RTID Proposition No 1
Election Prep: Port of Seattle Commissioner Position No 5
Election Prep: Port of Seattle Commissioner Position No 2
Election Prep: King County Assessor
Election Prep: King County Prosecuting Attorney
Election Prep: King County Initiative 25
Election Prep: WA Substitute House Joint Resolution 4215
Election Prep: WA Engrossed House Joint Resolution 4204
Election Prep: WA Senate Joint Resolution 8212
Election Prep: WA Engrossed Substitute Senate Joint Resolution 8206
DVD: Doctor Who: The Web Planet
Curmudgeon's Corner: We Are Not Surprised
First School Dance
All Hands 6
Mukasey will be Confirmed
Five Bucks!
Sam in Costume
Amy in Costume

October 2007

Walking Cans of Spam
Bye Bye Stan
One Year Ago
Curmudgeon's Corner: Waterboarding a Leopard
CC Delayed Again
Election Prep: WA Referendum Measure 67
My RSS Readers
Election Prep: WA Initiative Measure 960
Annoying Blogspammers
Extra Kidney Stone TMI - Just for Greg
Feeling Today
Probably the Stones Again
DVD: Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit
Frontline on Cheney
Mother's Tornado
Curmudgeon's Corner: Friends in Blackwater
Playing with Indention
AbulWiki is Back
Using EC2
AbulWiki Down
Green Circle
Somebody got the Message
They Just Find Us
Paul Rising (To #6)
Cumudgeon's Corner: We Didn't Notice It Was #20
From the Back
That's Some Coffee
This Year's Pic
That Didn't Take Long
DVD: Wait Until Dark
Curmudgeon's Corner: Blackberries, iPhones and Tivos, Oh My!
Building Wedge
20 Debates
Snakes and Anchor
From the 19th
Nothing Much
Diary of Hiram Harvey Hurlburt Jr: Chapter 3
Curmudgeon's Corner: iPhones and Googles
Late Curmudgeon

September 2007

Window Shopping at TJ Maxx
History of Africa News
Gadget Lust Quenched
But I Like Needless Detail...
Hammer Clock Raccoon
Convention Time?
Time is not Enough
Music Widget Thingy
Echos of Sling
Political Clarification
No Means No
Curmudgeon's Corner: Don't Steal Software
Haircut Time Again
Week of Dragging
Oops: 86273 grams
The DC Rep Thing
Goodbye Skittles
Curmudgeon's Corner: The Wisdom of Youth
13148.7192 Days
Month of Google Reader
Room to Room Video Chat
Not Iraq
Who Will Unbuild?
Three Eye
Dome Light
Watching MSNBC
DVD: The Prestige
Diary of Hiram Harvey Hurlburt Jr: Chapter 2
Curmudgeon's Corner: Two Ends with No Middle
MTurk Looking for Another Missing Person
Who is that Kid?
Pandora In Use
Back from Camping
Pink Walk
If I Wrote Congressional Rules
Planning for Load
Pandora Rises
Adventures of the Second Cousin
First of Seventh
Map Widget Thingy Bop
Diary of Hiram Harvey Hurlburt Jr: Chapter 1
Over Already
Labor Day
Curmudgeon's Corner: Keeping it Short
Family BBQ
DVD: Doctor Who: The Beginning: Disk 3
Google Flight Sim

August 2007

It Shipped
Skittles Status
New Best GPS
Just Resting
NAACP Dem Debate, Anybody Got?
Wicked Resizing
Goodbye Cheese
Margaret Weer
Poor Kermit
Curmudgeon's Corner: Just Seven Things
School Picnic
I Hate CSS and IE
DVD: The Sound of Music
Cinnamon Bun
Ordered Amy's iMac
Yes, I'm a Whore
Layout Changes
Gotta Love the Pirates
Good Thing We're Waiting
Duck and Bug
Curmudgeon's Corner: It is all Just a Confidence Game
Week of Cronus
Internal Clock
Trying Feeds Again
Time from Home
Amy Crew
Yesterday's Baseball
Thought of the Day
Ball Thing 400
Thomas B VanTilburgh
Remember to Flossie
Curmudgeon's Corner: Who do you Trust?
DVD: Cheaper by the Dozen 2
Is She Home Yet?
Iowa Republican Straw Poll
Nice Quote
Primary Calendar
DVD: Doctor Who: The Beginning: Disk 2
Ligonier Radio
Numbers not Ready for Sam
Up Too Late
Lucky Kid
No Easy Victories
That FISA Thing
Curmudgeon's Corner: That's Why There are Traffic Laws
Wrong Direction
Mountain Sunset
Asperger Test
Quiet Building
Another of those Days

July 2007

A Nice Place for a Hike
That Thing
Curmudgeon's Corner: You do not Exist while I Warble
Iraq Stories
Queen and the Zodiacal Dust Cloud
Ivan and Alberto, Secret Twins?
Ehbat Rapnetabaci
Spock Lives
Working at Home
Ubuntu LiveCD
New Post Notifications
iPhone Sighting
Gonzo Speaks
Paul Yes Votes
Curmudgeon's Corner: Planes and Politics
I Like Paul
Executive Power
DVD: Roswell: Season One: Disk One
AmyCyn Shopping
Curmudgeon's Corner 2007-07-15
Cinema: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
DVD: Donnie Darko: The Director's Cut
Thousands of Columns
In Case it is Needed
Mount R
Curmudgeon's Corner 2007-07-08
Moody Balloons
DVD: Independence Day
Two Minters on the Ferry
A Visit from Dad
Mary Ann Mendenhall
Schizophrenic Bumblebee
Curmudgeon's Corner 2007-07-01
Allergic Reaction

June 2007

New World
Yesterday I Was Puzzled
DVD: Buffy the Vampire Slayer: 2nd Season: Disk 4
iPhone Reviews
Robert G Brandon
Curmudgeon's Corner 2007-06-24
Antihypersyllabicsesquipedalian Revisited
Color Bird Thing
A Bird in the Head
Curmudgeon's Corner 2007-06-17
Family Portrait
Cinema: Nancy Drew
Tied Up
Mystery Dog
Leopard and Stuff
Curmudgeon's Corner 2007-06-10
Pingbacks and Trackbacks
Another Grade Gone By
Leaf on the Wind
Another Step Away
New Look
Cultural World Map
Cinema: Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
Curmudgeon's Corner Returns
All Hands 5

May 2007

Roscoe's Adventure
Ecosystem Update
Amy at Sea
Card Girl
Cheney Stuff
Sullivan on Obama
The Snows of May
Pizza Pi
Nomenclature of Time
Book: Narn i chîn Húrin: the tale of the children of Húrin
Animal Globe
Coffee Smile
Reorg #4
Pepsi Summer Mix
Book: Dreams from My Father
Sam N Mom N Sara
Sara N Sam
Chad N Friends
Grandfather Church
Cinema: The Last Mimzy
At Mom's
Routing Around Damage
Many K's

April 2007

A Trio Once More
Trip to the Islands
Gonzo Coverage
Another Random Tripper
Book: The Odyssey
Apple Tradeoffs
Sick and Shaggy
Taxes Again
DVD: Yours, Mine & Ours
Freeing the Music
Hot Dogs with Peanut Butter

March 2007

Mary Alice Stamper
Save Me!!
The 40 Minute Plan
Stop Touching the Screen!!!
Slinging Treo
Just the Two of Us
Festival Thing
Sleeping on the Couch
All Hands 4
Comment for Greg
I Remember Chacchoben
Lewis Napoleon Rayburn
DVD: The Man With Two Brains
MultiHeaded Mac
October 2004 Top Ten!

February 2007

Cinema: Ghost Rider
Treo Number Eight
Lumpy Leaping
DVD: Stephen King's The Stand: Disk 2
Susan Catherine Groves
DVD: Doctor Who: The Beginning: Disk 1
End of Search
Time for SelectSmart Again
Clutching and Slinging
Sick Girls
Article by Dad
Kids at the Mall
Help Find Jim Gray: Mechanical Turk

January 2007

James Raymond Wootton
DVD: Stephen King's The Stand: Disk 1
Located Apart
No Longer Little
I Like Backups
The View From My Window
DVD: John Tucker Must Die
DVD: Trans-Siberian Orchestra - The Ghost Of Christmas Eve
An Eye in the Snow
Henrietta Alethia Anderson
One KiloPost
DVD: An Inconvenient Truth
A Year in the Jungle
Somewhere, Bill Gates is Crying
Mom Visit
Ghosts of Florida
HNY 2007

December 2006

DVD: The Usual Suspects
No Attention for Silent Cal
DVD: Gotcha!
DVD: The Forgotten
Can't Escape the Swirlies
Blue Trees, Smiling at Me
Cinema: Eragon
Lux Reduxing
Antilux Redux
18 Hours
We are the Bringers of Wind
The James Kim Situation
Iraq Report Thoughts
Cinema: Happy Feet
Book: The Rise and Fall of the Confederate Government: Volume II
Today's Lesson
Five Bad Weeks
Musical Day
Award to the Father

November 2006

Firetrucks Ahoy
Christian Eber Smith
DVD: She's The Man
Thanksgiving Traditions
Here and Gone
Kitty and the Wrench
Once Again, Not Me
Dead Sea
The Big Fish
Behind the Wheel
Super Productivity!
CNN Simplifies for the Dummies
Election Projections
Anger / Sadness / Forgiveness
DVD: The Butteryfly Effect (Director's Cut)
No Register
Temperature Drop Nausea
Afraid of the Dark
Apartment Be Gone

October 2006

Goodbye Zuri
I Am Very Scared
Rocks And Stones Will Break My Bones
Fannie Dodson Ramseur
DVD: The Third Man
My Train With Harry
Saturn Nearing the End?
Tis Back
Closing Up
Once Again, A House
Random Things
Cinema: The Covenant

September 2006

Reorg #3
Chair Claimed
One of Many Things I Want
Run! Run Away!
12783.477 Days
Bad Zuri
New Couch
Family Locator
The First Day of Middle School
Recliner Tips
Updated Graph: Travel Warnings
John Russell Minter
All Hands 3

August 2006

All Tropics, All the Time
Helpful Voicemail
Of Course
Getting Better
Insert Four Letter Expletive of Choice
More Worried Now
Ernesto's Bubble
Radio Frump
Yet More States!
Falling on the 22nd
David and Sue
It Wasn't Me!!!
Apprentice Bonnie
Declan Searches
Proper Perspective
New Graph: Wake Up Time
Order of Operations
One More Lieberpost
War Thoughts and Other Thoughts
New Frump Book - With Lions
Price Drop 3
Thing Above
Generation 3
Olive Sarah Wright
Book: A Morbid Taste For Bones
Chris is Coming

July 2006

Amy Limbo
At the Company Picnic
Unpacking Fun
Movers Unloading
Cinema: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
Boxing Amy
Moving Show
Our Golf Course
Goodbye Idaho, Hello Washington
Coeur d'Alene
Goodbye Montana, Hello Idaho
Goodbye Wyoming, Hello Montana
You Might Be A Redneck If...
Three is Enough
Goodbye South Dakota, Hello Wyoming
Goodbye Iowa, Hello South Dakota
Goodbye Missouri, Hello Iowa
Goodbye Illinois, Hello Missouri
Goodbye Kentucky, Hello Illinois
Goodbye Tennessee, Hello Kentucky
DVD: Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
For Lack of a Control Arm
Goodbye Georgia, Hello Tennessee (again)
Goodbye Tennessee, Hello Georgia
Goodbye Georgia, Hello Tennessee
Amy and Kathy
Goodbye Florida, Hello Georgia
Already Sleeping
On The road
New Address (For Now)
Corporate Reflections
Empty House
Book: Aylesbury in Old Picture Postcards
Home With Bird
Seattle to Atlanta
Heading Home
Down Down
Donald Paul Hurlburt
Book: 1st To Die
Scruffy Sam
Wiped Address Book
Mary Evelyn VanTilburgh
Donaghy Jacks
Book: SQL in 10 Minutes (Third Edition)
Donaghy Photos
Not For Nuttin Shuttle People
David Clement Brandon

June 2006

Why I Like My Job
Hamdan v. Rumsfeld
New Gig for Mom
The Sleepy Muskrat on My Head
Maude Mae Rayburn
William Maynard Wootton
Book: Dragonflight
Book: Machine Learning
Harriet Maria Smith
A Lovely Game of Nethack
Happy Dog Day
Kathy's Site
Podcasts and Vlogs and even Front Row
Battle at the Jackal
Difference in Confidence
The Die Is Cast
William Ramseur Minter
It Lives
So It Begins
Generation 2
Marion Vera Hurlburt
Alien Spores
Enterprise Software
Bonk, Bonk on the Head
Guy in My Apartment!!
Falling Prices
Morning Note on Coffee
Ralph Aaron Brandon
Shiver Me Timbers
Mary Sue Wooton

May 2006

David Ramseur Minter
Why am I Up?
Generation 1
Ruth Marilyn Brandon
Graphs of Websites
Oldest Unanswered Email
Titus Buttry's Cr@p Shack
William Maynard Minter
Samuel Antonio Minter
Unhappy Post
Mouse Arm
That high pitched whine you hear (or not)
All Hands 2
Speaking of Monkeys...
Always Trust the Monkey
An Interview with Someone about Something
Ooo Shiny!
Nothing Wrong with Hot Tubs
Bit Better
New Office
President Gore
MiniTakes 6
Rule of Law?
MiniTakes 5
Changing Rooms
Moon Over Bellevue
Sam Eats Things
MiniTakes 4
Stock Timing Again
MiniTakes 3
Ways and Means
Wanna Buy a House?
Otherwise Alienating
Please Check My Math

April 2006

New Deepest Relative
Caprica Dawn
The Voices in my Head
MiniTakes 2
Sad Listing
Reorg #2
AbulCam Timelapse
Empty Lot
Give Yoga
Season Two
Ten Dalla
We're Going to Eastside Prep!
Police Chase
Bye Bye Geena
Congratulations Matt!
Using Eggs Correctly
I Smell Steve Jobs
AbulCam Streaming
Walking in a Minter Wonderland...
DVD: Doctor Who: The Three Doctors
Volcano Be Here
Probably Available Before Too Long = 24 hours
Book: The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
Boot Me Up
150 Years
Too Many Stairs
Broken (and Fixed) Reatta

March 2006

Excellent Content Management System
Fixing It More
The Corrected Beat
The Beat
Sleepy Groceries
Brandy Over PacMed
Don't Shoot the Puppy
Ratings for Who
Right Choice in December
Didn't Crash!!!
Googlefied Stock Graphs
Birds Over PAC
DVD: Buffy the Vampire Slayer: 2nd Season: Disk 3
Blast from the Exploding Whale Past
Six Degrees to Iraq Abuse
Luckily Should Not Affect Us
They Don't Often Emerge
Out of Boat
Mini? Pshaw!
Today's Bad Things From Governments
Cousin Jake on TV
A Bed Like Chad
Book: Introductory Statistics: 3rd Edition
Ports and Such
No No Please Stop!
Halla Halla Puya Coo
Next Season on Numb3rs
DVD: Doctor Who: The Claws of Axos
Pleased by the Fluffys
Cool But Less Fun
New Graph: Email Backlog
Chessmaster 9000 (Mac) Sucks
All Hands
Cinema: The Pink Panther (2006)
Nights with Flipper

February 2006

Where I Am
Here I Am
Deprivation Leads to Depravation
Reorg #1
DVD: The Red Violin
Mall Chess
30 kilovists!
Jeff Sighting
First from Cronus
Dick's Shooting
Mail Problems
Running to the Piedmont
One Month Down
I am DUN
Cronus has Shipped
Scatterbrandy Returns
Travel Agent is to Kayak as Real Estate Agent is to X
At a Snail's Pace
How Bill Did
Something in My Eye
Another State
Another Day
Another Night
Goodbye Princely - Good Dog!
Sad to Head Home
All Better at School
DVD: The Last Temptation of Christ
Never Did Send One
Cronus is Coming

January 2006

Breathing Money
Depressing Weekend
Amy's Field Trip and Stuff
Riding Cross Country
Treo Number Seven... Or Two
Cinema: Hoodwinked
Goodbye Nacho
Stacking Pots
Book: The Fabulous Riverboat
Week One
Book: Hope is Not a Strategy
The How's It Goin' Post
DVD: Doctor Who: Spearhead from Space
Cinema: Memoirs of a Geisha
Just a Bedside Plug
Doctor on TV
Gimme Gimme Gimme
On My Way
Three in a Boat
Four in a Tree
Ruining New Year's
Dinner at Disney

December 2005

Rapping Amy
Book: The Gentle Giants of Ganymede
Treos Actually STILL Swim... Sorta
DVD: Fantastic Four
Pile O Presents
Belated Wilma Pic
A Little Bragging
The Success of the Butter
The New Thing
Book: The Theory of Almost Everything
And Then It Was Done
DVD: Buffy the Vampire Slayer: 2nd Season: Disk 2
Goodbye Haunted Hunted Happy Thing
DVD: Buffy the Vampire Slayer: 2nd Season: Disk 1
Three in One Shot!
Book: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Ch Ch Ch Changes...
Cinema: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Darkflash: All Or Nothing At All
DVD: Robots
Lightning in a Bottle
DVD: Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Goodbye Nala

November 2005

Book: The Rise and Fall of the Confederate Government: Volume I
Treos STILL Don't Swim
DVD: Fantasia
Brentwood Garrett
DVD: Doctor Who: The Mind Robber
Googlefied Trip Tool

October 2005

Oops - Update
Wilma Closest Approach
It Is Kinda Windy
Gas Stealers!!
Updated Odds
Finally Bubbleized by Wilma!
Two Digits at Last!!
Tivo is Dead, Long Live Tivo!
At Least It Wasn't Crowd Hoot
Cinema: Serenity
Dedicated to Phatback
DVD: Firefly: Disk 4
Noguchi Filing
DVD: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Run Smurf Run!!!
No Time to Blog
Fantasia Anybody?? Please?

September 2005

23 by 5
DVD: Cube
My Word!!
Equity Scheming
12418.234766 Days
Ophelia, You're Breaking My Heart
Snowball is Safe
DVD: Doctor Who: The Seeds of Death
Under and Over

August 2005

Can't Look Away
Cinema: March of the Penguins
First Week
The View Out the Back
Things I Haven't Had Time to Talk About
Number 35 Baby!
Peeking through the Blindfold
School Daze
DVD: Sleepy Hollow
Time to Fly
Cinema: War of the Worlds
...And Death

July 2005

DVD: Doctor Who: The Tomb of the Cybermen
And There It Goes...
In Town This Time
Bring Me The Sahara!
Covering Up
Morning Foodstuffs
CMS as File System
GPS Lust
Cinema: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Treos DO Swim!
Sam Meets Gideon
Traveling Man
Matt Lucks Out
DVD: Doctor Who: The Dalek Invasion of Earth (D1)
Legolas Transformed
Matt's Fault
DVD: Shrek 2
Treos Don't Swim
We Have Feet!!!
DVD: Doctor Who: The Aztecs
Antoinette Brown Intro for Mom
Doctoring Time

June 2005

Book: The Mermaids Singing
Crooked Rainbow
Doin' Just Fine
Friday Friday
Workflow and RSS
Book: Blue-Toungued Skinks
Otherwise Occupied
Angry Saturn
Hoo Ray for the Frogs!
Apple on Intel
Chicken Suit
Cinema: The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
Treo Number Six... Or One
DVD: Raising Helen
CM Adoption
No Longer the Answer

May 2005

Scared Puppy
Book: Wicked
DC Excuses
Swimming Infinity
One Ear
I Killed Them… I Killed Them ALL
Two Eyes
Our Turn?
Kathy and Ryan
Yes Virginia, there is a Mrs. Bou
Cinema: Star Wars: Episode III: Revenge of the Sith
DVD: Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace
DVD: Star Wars: Episode VI: Return of the Jedi
Holocaust of the Frogs
DVD: Star Wars: Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back
Zeus Dumpty
Hypocyclonic Regression
DVD: Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope
Book: The Guide to Owning Skinks
Finger Lizardin' Good!
Award to the Mother
Moot Sister
Meus Ago est Sanus
Book: The King Must Die
Another One Down
Doctors Aren't Supposed to Die

April 2005

Two Income Family
Money Chart
Don, Mike and Sam
Sammy Sales

March 2005

Bird Watching
Treo Number Five
Whither the Doctor
To Accentuate the Year
Uncle Sam Sucks
Once Again
Open Waters

February 2005

Not Us
First Ten
Spider Map
That's Not Chocolate!
Gideon Arrived
Timing is Everything
Always a Fever
New Graph: Steps
Some Thoughts on Some Things
Receive Your List
Over the Hump

January 2005

Ticker Update
Tickers Up Progress: Doh! Down
Inaugural Fisking
Three Out Of Four
Work's New Web
New Traffic Chart
Time for a TRUE Binary Clock
What Would Dave Think?
Busy as a Sam
Blinded by the Waves
An Old Random Vacation - Updated
Mom Visit
Darkflash: Home
New Graph: % Body Fat!
Certification and All That
New Garmin StreetPilot!!
Up and Running
Broadband is a Go
Loading, Unloading and Bending Over
Inauguration and Moving
A View for Chad

December 2004

The House is Ours!
T minus practically Nothing
Perhaps Amy Will Need One
Darkflash: Half Way
Boxes All Opened
Lung Power!
Trees and Boxes
Closing is Scheduled
The Weight Graph Is Back!!!
Kerry Loses More Electoral Votes
September 2004 Top Ten!
Condition Yellowish Green
Amazonia in the Mall
Drunken Sailor
Updated Ecosystem Graphs
Banking Fit
House Moving Fast
Electoral College at Work
Random Spot: Orotukan, Magadan, Russia
Whoa, Another One, A Bigger One
David Brudnoy
Registration Revisited
Gideon Hart
I Had to Buy a Coat
The Divided Left
Goodbye Sweet Pleco

November 2004

Found by CrazyBrave
The Happy Haunting Red Thing
School Dragon
August 2004 Top Ten!!
Thanksgiving Family Pictures
Kidney Stone O Rama
Place the States Quiz
Backs, Emergency Rooms and Kidneys
Darkflash: Big Easy
Ibengdo Athar Orwamro
Frump Watch
House Cleaning
July 2004 Top Ten!!
One Year
June 2004 Top Ten!!
Safer Once Again
Sam's Pictures in Odd Places
House News: Progress at Last!
My World Now
Treo Number Four
Comment Notification
Maps, Maps, We Got Maps!
Where I Have Been
Marcus Beat Me
The Rat Bird
For the New House
Liberal Whiners
Divided Government
So Gunshy
On Our Roof
US President / Vice President
US Senate, Florida
US House, Florida 15th District
Florida State Representative, 31st House District
Brevard County Sheriff
Brevard County Property Appraiser
Brevard County Tax Collector
Brevard County Commissioner, District 5
Florida Supreme Court
Florida District Court Judges
Brevard County School Board, District 4
Must... Sleep...
Melbourne Mayor
Dixville Notch and Hart's Location
Melbourne Council, District 1
Melbourne Council, District 2
Melbourne Council, District 3
Commissioner Sebastian Inlet District, District 1
Commissioner Sebastian Inlet District, District 5
Florida Proposed Amendment No. 1
Florida Proposed Amendment No. 2
Florida Proposed Amendment No. 3
Florida Proposed Amendment No. 4
How Not to Fight a Fire
Process vs. Results
Florida Proposed Amendment No. 5
Poll Closings - Handy Chart
Florida Proposed Amendment No. 6
Grinning Watermelon

October 2004

Florida Proposed Amendment No. 7
Darkflash: Heading West
Florida Proposed Amendment No. 8
More Electoral Fun!
Electoral Shedding
Sara is Famous!
Brevard County Referendum 1
AbulCam Redux
I Am Broadband!!!
Brandy's Billion
Inauguration, Whoever Wins
Brevard County Referendum 2
Darkflash: Apple Cola
Brevard County Charter Amendment 1
To See the Edwards
Brevard County Charter Amendment 2
Darkflash: Interesting Week
Brevard County Charter Amendment 3
Electoral Vote Roundup
Waiting for the Trifecta
Pinstripe Madness
Debate Wrapup
Moving Connection Graphs!
Darkflash: No Subject
Slightly Safer
Random Trip Page Updates
Goodbye Sweet Spam
Last Word: Plagzabooie
Always Look on the Bright Side of Life
If You Emailed Me, Please Resend!!
Back in the Saddle
Closing Down Again
The Lead Shifts!
Hurricane Roundup
SelectSmart Again / Crazy Libs
The Poet In Me
Rising Tones
Red Robin
Moo Quack Baa

September 2004

Sleepy Night
Orange World
Just a Little Breeze
May 2004 Top Ten!!
Darkflash: Chuck
Storm Fatigue
Other Big Screwups
Bluffing Chadbots
Here We Go Again
Bubble Gum
New Television Season
April 2004 Top Ten!!
Updated Ecosystem Rankings
Darkflash: 3... 2... 1...
Closer to the Source
Gate 46
12052.9926 Days
Apple Sauce
Toxic Brew of Raw Sewage
Tiny Rodents in a Storm
Dangerous World
Darkflash: Moving Part I
Animated Electoral Votes
Gifts at Work
Word Docs and Typewriters
Semi Dark

August 2004

Still Dark

June 2004

Now Dark Going Dark
Powerbook Won't Wake From Sleep
The World is Safer!! (Again)
Another Stike for Tivo
Another Cool Apple Thing
Sam and Brandy and Amy's Moving Days

May 2004

The Next Place We Stay
That Chalabi Chap Again
Mom Blog
March 2004 Top Ten
New Contact Information
So Close They Can Spit!

April 2004

Putrid Rotting Fruit
The House is Cold
Off Tune
It wasn't me in that tree!
Still Chalabi?
One Month
Guantanamo at SCOTUS
Starving Rat Diet
Morphing of Content Management
Iraq in the 20s
New Apple Laptops for Me!
Prez Selector Revisited
Sing a Song
The Jackal Roars
House Warming / Cooling Party
Fitness Contest RESULTS!!
O Sam produz um update

March 2004

February 2004 Top Ten Posted
The World is Safer!!
First Week
Selling My House
Invitation: 2004 Q3 Random Vacation Picked!!!
Mackay, Idaho, USA - 2003 Q3 Random Trip
2003 Q3 Random Vacation - Day 9 Posted!
2003 Q3 Random Vacation - Day 8 Posted!
2003 Q3 Random Vacation - Day 7 Posted!
Bipartisan Ticket???
A Line for Phatback

February 2004

Lower MakeFire
2003 Q3 Random Vacation - Day 6 Posted!
2003 Q3 Random Vacation - Day 5 Posted!
Skittles Too
Cheese Emergency
Pets, People, Pictures
(Minter vs Page) and Mathematics
Primary Methods
Brandy Day
2003 Q3 Random Vacation - Day 4 Posted!
AfricaFocus Donations
Well, duh!
Goodbye Angel
Skittles and Cheese
100 Months of Sam's Email Top Ten!!!
January 2004 Top Ten Posted
Strategic Voting Bubbles
Abulsme vs the Jackal
Earpiece Conspiracy
Final 2003 Email Rankings
December 2003's Top Ten
Goodbye Old Bull
Presidental Succession Issues
Poor Little Penguins
Cheney and Scalia Sitting in a Tree
OK, *Now* Kerry is Ahead
Political Book Mapping
I Am A Pennsylvanian
Delegate Counts

January 2004

The Saturn
Home-Schooled By a Cackling Jackal
Posted: November 2003 Top Ten
Thoughts on State of the Union
Might it Get Fun?
To the Moon Alice! (And Mars!)
Zuri Kidege Minter
Good Thing I Live in PA Now!
Content Management Still Growing
Strategic Voting
Nala Boce Uboo-boo Minter

December 2003

Another Day of the Idaho Random Trip
At Long Last: Random Trip Day 2
New Graph: Ecosystem Ranking
State Department Warning Chart
Web Content Management - Keep it Simple Stupid
Done with the Shopping
Return of the King
Fitness Contest Website Up
October 2003 Email List Posted!
Ace of Spades in the Hole
Missing the Point
Unfortunate, But True
Twas the Night before Christmas... at CMU
I Know Why The Rug Is Blue
Dean overtakes Libertarian

November 2003

Nice Trick
Nice way to Impress our Friends
Goodbye Eduard
More Disturbing Trends
Bush Speaks
Spim Spam
Four Down
Match Over: Fritz ties Kasparov
Game 3: Fritz crushed by Kasparov
Moderate Libs
September 2003 Top Ten!
Fritz Wins game 2!
Fritz Wins game 2!
Goodbye Brain
Kasp v Fritz Game 1: Draw
Kasp v Fritz Game 1: Draw
Match Starting
Some Review
Drunk Drivers
Kasparov vs. the Computer (Again)
Posted from Treo
Changes for Sam
I miss the Math

October 2003

2 Days with Panther
External Drive Localfeeds
The Optimistic View
No Progress on Panther for Zeus
Panther Disaster / Zeus is Dying
Panther Launch
Slings and Arrows
Follow the Forger
Brain's Leg
Updated Resume
Poor Reformies
Health Fair Results
August 2003's Top Ten!
Not NWI!
Winning Hearts and Minds
Al / Kim Wedding Pictures
Should I?
Arizona Democratic Presidential Debate
Oops, A Bear Ate Me
Panther Coming! 16 days, 7 hours, 0 minutes
They Move!
W's Poem to Laura
Minimum: No Warning
I am Slackware Linux

September 2003

Doctor in the House
The Unfortunate Possible Future of the Internet
Cough Cough
Thus the Slow Traffic
Tivo Wishlists for the New Season
More on Saddam
Got Saddam?
My Next Phone
Some Clark Stuff
News Pending
Happy Birthday to Sam, Happy Birthday to Sam
Mad at Self
Still Not Good
And the Reorg is...
GPS 2610 Drooling Again
No Columbia
Oh Yeah, I'm Home
2003 Q3 Random Vacation - Day 1

August 2003

2003 Q3 Random Vacation - Day 0
July 2003 Top Ten
Day Negative One
Burger Overdose
Goodbye Quail Ridge (Part 2)
Traveling Mom
Graph Data Wanted
Connectivity Issues
Idaho Random Trip Update is Home!
Goodbye Quail Ridge
Google News Alerts
Josh Lewis Linked to Me!
Still Have Lights Here!
I'm here!!!!
Time to Close
Back to the Stone Age
Frigerator Blues
Things to Get
Closer and Closer
Oops! Missed a day!
One Week
Wedding Ticket
Another Gadget Drool
Volleyball Pictures
Cabinet Reshuffles
Updated 2003Q3 Random Trip Info
The Nature of Time
And the winner of the Tivo is...
Who Wants a Free Tivo? (For Six Months Only)

July 2003

Almost Forgot!
Osama Update and History
Giving Up on Enterprise-Wide Integration? Good!!
The F Word
Dinner in DC
DirecTV for Dad (Sorta)
I forgot my Stripes
New GPS... Drool... I must have it!
Tony Blair for President
Chess Game
June 2003's Top Ten!!
Brandy Comments
No Suit Today
Idaho Developments
Our leaders at their best
Those Kids and their Music!
He'll be crushed!
Blair's Speech
Can I please vote for Tony Blair for President?
Gravity Talk
Six Today
Three Three Three
Jon Said It Was Lame
Too Bad for RIAA
All For It!
Randy Shows Up!
Not Surprising, but kinda sucks
Getting up at 10 UTC
Voting in Primaries
Closet Doors
Apple Guide
Greenspan Rate Comments
Four for Kelly
Day 4
Justice Department Defies Court
Checking for DirecTV with the Moon
Locked Now
Damn Rates!
14:08 UTC
So Self Deluded
the World as a Blog
Tivo Ratings
Robot Segway
Two Others Before BlueYonder and Lynn
Hello Blueyonder
True Again?
I'm a bright?
Insignificant Microbe
Trouble Brewing
Heart Tossing
Late to the Blogosphere
Houses and Cameras
Both Wrong?
Rubber Duck, Come in Rubber Duck, Put the Hammer Down
Rebecca's Candidate
Enough for Now
Possible New Place
New AbulHome!
Getting the Hang
My First Entry
Welcome to pMachine!